About my Work with Paper

The theme of my work is based on the existence of mankind in nature. Nature's cycle goes on for eternity. In nature our existence is only part of the whole.

I have been creating objects mainly using paper. Japanese traditonal paper, WASHI, is most beautiful when it allows light to pass through. In Japan it is essential to have panels of washi in the dwellings.

For may years I have used various materials for my sculpture and eventually came to realize that my favourites are paper and natural materials sucha as bamboo, for example. Apart form Japanese paper, I also use plants fibre, recycled paper and various other papers obtained whilst travelling in Europe and Asia.

Over the years I have created many forms gradually developing simpler shapes. I do appreciate the simpler form and stronger shapes, which awaken the sixth sense. I am surprised to see when a work leaves me it creates its own space through its inherent light and shade.

Paper is a material with unlimited possibilities. Continuing to use natural materials and paper. I seek in my work as an expression of an ephemeral nature.