Diary - from my journey 1992 -

I started a drawing series I called "Diary" in 1995, this was the time when I moved from London to Berlin, transferring my M.A. study of Fine art. Three years had passed since the fall of the Berlin wall, however I still felt a difference in atmospheres between the Eastern and Western parts of Berlin by watching people go about their everyday lives.

I would like to express myself in the way I witnessed Berlin in those days.

The drawing series has started to leave traces of a map in my mind.

I will continue to make the drawings as long as my journey continues.

Reiko Nireki

Galerie stil und bruch
Berlin / Germany / 1995

Gallery Kobo / Tokyo / 2001

Life Drawings

Drawings: Cahrcorls, Pastels

  • 14. Nov. - 6. Dec. 2009

  • Sho Gallery / Tokyo / Japan