Another Landscape

I have noticed that ga sort of feeling", which occupies in my mind during a process of my work, is expressed in various forms. They are not transformed 2D. or 3D.form from visual memory or memory of sense of touch. They are the various senses of sound, colour, and smell of a time and place, and water, soil and temperature, which touched my skin. They are the various senses that I felt about the facial expression of people I met, and the sense I felt when wind passed by.

I have learned not to take photographs for recording things or memory purposes. This is perhaps I felt, deep within me, memory of those senses are accumulating.

It is a great pleasure to create works with my long-term favorite Japanese paper, bamboo and clay, which are the basic material for the skin of my work. Like a "Time Collage" another landscape will be born through the recollection of memories.

In the "Both Sides" I am showing works which I call "Another Landscape" in which I illustrate the arrangement of my show at O-ne Manokurozasu, Hon-noh city, Saitama prefecture, Japan 1999 and works I did during my stay in South of India.


" Both Sides - Funi "

material : recycled washi paper, earth, willow, photos, drawings on mobile

Japan-Finland Contemporary Art Exhibition (2003.11`2004.1)
Espoo City Museum Galleria Otso / Finland

" Another Landscape "

material : recycled washi paper, earth, mitsumata, drawings on mobile

Gallery Omotesando (2003, Tokyo)

Reiko Nireki - Paper Artist

Another Landscape - was the name of an exhibition of Japanese installation art held in Gallery G in Helsinki this February. The dimly lit exhibition space was filled with translucent wash-paper drawings and sculptures made from a combination of paper, cloth and wood. This particular installation created a strong illusion of a journey through a rocky landscape lush with reeds and cane that led up to the slopes of the mountains. Paper as a material has always possessed significant elements that have been shared by Western and Japanese cultures alike. In Reiko Nireki's paper world, landscape is the central element.

Originally known as a sculptor, Reiko Nireki concentrated later in her career on paper art. Whilst studying art for several years in different countries throughout Europe, she began to take an interest in recycled paper as a material for her particular form of art. She started in Germany in 1995 and since then this raw material has become the most important element in her work. In addition to sculpting, installation art and drawing, Nireki also worked with stage settings for the Theatre Festivals in Singapore in 1998. In these settings she used paper, and creating with paper, on the kind of scale that the theatre offers. This aroused her interest to continue in this line of work.

After working abroad for more than 13 years, Nireki has noticed that the position of an artist in society differs greatly from culture to culture. In her native country, Japan, she commented that the life of an artist could be very hard. Being able to participate in various exhibitions is absolutely essential if an artist wants to achieve any kind of success. In this way she has the possibility of achieving recognition and getting commissions for further creations. Reiko Nireki has been able to work in Finland for a one-year period, with the aid of a grant from the Japanese Ministry of Culture. She is already working on her next exhibition, which is to be held in the Crypt of Helsinki's Cathedral in June and July this summer.

by Eija Ohrnberg